Used and New Steel Pipe for ID Properties

Do you need used or new steel pipe for your farm, ranch, or construction project? At Idaho Pipe & Steel, we proudly offer a large variety of new and used steel pipe for ID properties. We can supply and deliver the right amount of steel pipe for your needs.

Why Choose Steel?

You might wonder if steel is the right metal for your needs. However, steel is an excellent choice because:

  • It’s durable: Steel is resistant against almost anything. This means that your steel pipe won’t corrode, have mold, attract pests, warp, split, crack, rot, or swell.
  • It’s strong: Steel can easily hold out against natural disasters, such as high winds and earthquakes. Additionally, it holds up the structure of a building well.
  • It’s sustainable: Steel can last for decades or even centuries if maintained well.
  • It’s eco-friendly: Steel is one of the most recyclable materials available, so you can easily reuse and repurpose it.

If you want to learn more about why steel is so beneficial, then speak to us today.

Who Can Use Steel?

Steel is versatile in its use. It is a common building material for that reason. For example, steel is useful for:

  • Farmers
  • Ranchers
  • Construction companies
  • Well drillers
  • Industrial buildings

If you’re unsure if steel is right for your specific need, we can help.

Why Idaho Pipe & Steel?

Idaho Pipe & Steel is dedicated to providing the best steel pipe for your needs. Whether you prefer used or new steel pipe, we’re here to help. We can educate you on the right amount, size, and type of steel for your specific project, and we offer competitive pricing with our direct ship loads. Additionally, if you have multiple loads, you can take advantage of our discounts.

If you want to learn more about our available pipe, please call us today at (208) 720-4083. We look forward to speaking with you.